Belmonte Arboretum

This park is one of the largest botanical gardens in the Netherlands with special collections of trees, bushes and shrubs.

Generaal Foulkesweg 94

6703 DS Wageningen


Sculpture gallery “Het Depot”

Sculpture gallery “Het Depot” is a museum platform for contemporary sculpture. The collection includes images torsos and fragments of the human body.

Arboretumlaan 4

6703 BD Wageningen

Tel: 0317-467720




Wageningen has a small cozy cinema.

Heerenstraat Theater

Molenstraat 1B Wageningen

Tel: 0317-414029



Military Cemetery Grebbeberg

The military cemetery Grebbeberg at Rhenen is the first war cemetery in the Netherlands. The cemetery has about 850 graves.

Grebbeweg 123

3911 AV Rhenen

Tel: 0317-612507



Museum “De Casteelse Poort”

A museum on the history of Wageningen, located on the site of the old castle of Wageningen.

Bowlespark 1A

6701 DN Wageningen

Tel: 0317-421436



Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen

Discover exotic animals in this beautiful zoo. Don’t forget to visite the pandas.

Grebbeweg 111

3911 AV Rhenen

Tel: 0317-650200



For a fun night out, Junushoff theater in the center of Wageningen is the right place.

Plantsoen 3

6701 AS Wageningen

Tel: 0317-417622



Swimming pool “de Bongerd”

Take a refreshing dip!

Bornsesteeg 4

6708 PE Wageningen

Tel: 0317-466670