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4 star hotel
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Incl. delicious breakfast
Free coffee and tea facilities

Accommodation in Wageningen | Staying overnight

Who wouldn't want to wake up in one of the 17 beautiful hotel rooms at Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld in Wageningen? Students from Rijn IJssel Vakschool Wageningen run this special four-star hotel. Our guests are very enthusiastic about this formula and the team. Experience it yourself and book a room now.

A unique hotel

In this beautiful hotel, they learn the trade in practice, under the guidance of experienced teachers. At Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld, you stay at a competitive price and receive the luxury of a top hotel.

All stylish, modern hotel rooms are fully equipped. After a wonderful overnight stay in Wageningen, your day will get off to an excellent start with a fresh cup of coffee and a full breakfast.

You will wake up rested and pampered, our students will learn something. They develop into hosts, all-round employees, or cooks. Partly thanks to your visit to our hotel in Wageningen. Isn't that great?




Prices hotel rooms Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld 

Hotel room including breakfast, 1 person

€ 85,00

Hotel room including breakfast, 2 persons

€ 100,00

Tourist taxes p.p.p.n. 

€   1,95


Opening hours 

Monday 9:30 am to Friday 14:00 pm (*except for school holidays)

Reservations outside our regular opening times are possible if booking  at least 10 hotel rooms.